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Father's Day Gift Guide

Hello fellow geeks,

What a lovely start to the week! The sun is shining and the crowds are out in droves and shopping for gifts. We've saved you the time and compiled this Father's Day Gift Guide so that you can shop from the comfort of your own home, garden (or even beer garden!) for your wonderful dads.

Hulk Shaped Mug (£12.99)

For those who prefer a stronger cuppa, here is the ultimate in knock out punch drinking vessels. A larger than standard drinking mug, the Hulk Shaped Mug is brilliantly designed in the style of the green hero's major fighting weapon – his huge fist. So grab the handle and feel the power of the Hulk, the perfect way to gain a useful energizing pick me up at break time!

For inspiration when working, let the mad-scientific genius that is Rick Sanchez shine a light on your Dad's workstation with this USB powered light. Rick's Ship USB Light is a handy desk light that slots into any USB port, making it perfect for work or study, and features a posable arm to make it even easier to direct Rick's light wherever you need it.

Help him relive his youth with his favourite classic Sega games on your android mobile phone with a Sega Smartphone Controller. A Bluetooth HID Sega Saturn shaped controller with removable smartphone holder that makes playing games on your mobile device easier than ever. Perfect for playing iconic favourites such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua Tennis and Crazy Taxi with more being added regularly.

This Street Fighter freezable tankard mug is perfect for keeping your drinks cool (especially in this nice weather!), great for a Street Fighter gaming marathon. Simply place the mug in the freezer until the contained liquid freezes and then pour in your drink to cool it instantly.

Guess the phrase or shoot the shot! The ultimate party game that's guaranteed to make you smile. Just simply guess the pharse your opponent is saying whilst wearing a mouth guard or down the shot!

This Doctor Who Tardis retro bag is perfect for carrying all the essentials, from a Tardis key to jelly babies. The bag features a shoulder strap, zip to close, front pocket and inside pocket.

The perfect mug for a cuppa and a secret bikkie stash! Guarded by our favourite gentle giant, Chewbacca.

Harry Potter Bath Robes (£36.99)

We stock a variety of men's bath robes, including Dathly Hallows and all of the houses. Currently not online, but please get in touch to order.

We do of course carry many other items from different fandoms, including Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, The Walking Dead, The Legend of Zelda and much more which can be found on our website shop here.

Happy shopping!

Much love,

Team Geek x

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