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On The Second Week of Christmas, The Geek Side Gave to me... Secret Santa and Stocking Fillers!

Hello fellow geeks,

If you visited our store over the weekend, you will probably have noticed that Christmas landed at Geek HQ! Folks have been out in droves preparing and getting ready for the festive season and purchasing gifts for their nearest and dearest.

As there's only 77 days left until Christmas and with the new stock arriving, we are going to show you some of the awesome new goodies that arrived as well as some of our personal favourite items which would make perfect Secret Santa gifts and stocking fillers.


Christmas Range

First up is our absolute favourite Christmas game. The 'dastardly difficult' jigsaw contains 100 pieces and is double sided to make it extra tricky! It comes inside a bag that's made to resemble a supermarket packet of Sprouts. This super-fun jigsaw makes a great stocking filler or secret Santa present and is also the perfect gift for those people out there who really do love Brussels Sprouts.

If you're in search of a quick, super-fun, hilarious game to play this Christmas then search no more! Head to Head Elf v Santa is the perfect game for you! Players put on their hat and compete to knock over all of their present-shaped targets before their opponent. Who can destroy the presents quickest, Elf or Santa? There's only one way to find out!

Festive Games (£4.99)

All the family are coming round, and you know you can't just rely on conversation again, not after last year! Well now there's a solution, with this set of 15 Festive Games. A comprehensive selection of seasonal games, they'll be something to keep everyone entertained in this fantastic collection.

Festive Face Mats (£5.00)

Another personal favourite of ours is Festive Face Mats! A great way to turn something ordinary into something fun and festive, this themed set of brilliant Face Mats is just the thing for Christmas parties and get-togethers. A set of drinks coasters that you can wear, they're a cheeky, laugh-out-loud novelty gift to get people talking over the festive season.

Secret Santa Gifts

We currently stock a wide range of bath bombs including Sorting Hat, Love Potion (pictured below), Golden Snitch, Butterbeer and all of the house colours. Each of our bath bombs are beautifully wrapped and when opened release the amazing aromas which will help you relax in the tub after a long day.

This retractable Friends ballpoint pen will be the talk of the office! Have fun reminiscing about the most memorable phrases from one of the most iconic TV shows from the 90s! Each time you click down on the pen a different quote will show in each one of its two see-through sections and all appear in different colours and fonts.

Harry Potter Charms (from £3.99)

We stock a wide range of bracelets, charms and pin badges. Everything from Sorting Hat pin badges to chibi character charms. They come individually making them affordable and perfect for the Secret Santa budget!

Our Hogwarts playing cards have been a firm favourite with our customers. Beautifully presented in a burgundy coloured tin with the Hogwarts crest in gold, these themed cards are represented by house rather than suits!

Stocking Fillers

One of our most popular items is the Harry Potter Mystery Wands. Not knowing which of the 9 to collect is part of the fun! Collect them all, including Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Nymphadora Tonks, Lord Voldamort and Death Eater (Thorn).

Get an awesome surprise with your morning coffee with this mug. This round two toned mug is cream on the outside, with the words "Time Lord" on the front and a Tardis on the back in blue. The inside of the mug is a contrasting blue and in the base sits a 3D Tardis, waiting to be discovered.

Bring a little Hogwarts magic home with this set of Sorting Hat Heat Change Coasters - and find out which Hogwarts House the magical Sorting Hat picks for you!

Don't Forget...

We also stock items for before Christmas Day itself including stockings, Santa footprints stencils, Christmas Eve activity sets, Santa's workshop elf doors, naughty and nice charts and Christmas Eve sets including a plate for mince pie and carrot for Rudolph and a glass bottle for milk to leave out for Father Christmas!

Remember we stock over 1000 officially licensed items in store as well as online. If you're unable to visit us you can shop online 24/7! You can check out our full Christmas range here.

Happy shopping!

Much love,

Team Geek x

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