Escape From The Arcade game is a great game for lovers of logic puzzles, quizzes and board games in general. In the box, you will find a plastic padlock with 256 different combinations, 4x maths problem cards, 4x physical puzzles, 4x brain teaser cards, 4x miscellaneous puzzle cards plus separate gameplay instructions for the game master and the players.

The gamemaster sets the combination and chooses the 4 puzzles you and your team will need to solve in order to crack the combination and Escape From The Arcade.

Buy with confidence that when your Escape From The Arcade game comes to the end of its life the plastic elements will breakdown thanks to a revolutionary organic ingredient and not just sit in landfill.

Supplied boxed, solve the physical, numerical and brainteaser puzzles to decipher the symbols and win (256x combinations). It contains a plastic padlock and 16x puzzles.

This product is made using BDP™ which stands for Breakdown Plastic – an organic additive that helps plastic decompose at landfill.

Escape From The Arcade