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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but who needs a thousand when one will do the job just fine? So embrace the fox as your friend, and let the For Fox Sake Mug say everything you need to say today.


With this ingeniously cute mug, you can relax with a cuppa wherever you are safe in the knowledge that no one can misconstrue your feelings, even in polite society.


A standard sized (capacity 300ml) ceramic mug, with a blue decal featuring an adorable red and white fox image, the For Fox Sake Mug gently expresses the naughty thoughts of those who really need to take a break with a soothing brew.


Whether it's a cheeky novelty gift, or a timely addition to the staff room cupboard for breaks at work, this is an amusing animal pictogram mug with a grown up spin.


The mug is completely dishwasher and microwave safe, and even comes in an attractive gift box with the red fox design, making it an ideal present for people who like smart, thoughtful and ever so slightly 'foxy' gifts.

For Fox Sake Mug

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