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This iconic freestanding lamp is in the shape and design of everyone’s favourite, most adorable mogwai - Gizmo. Just make sure you keep him dry and never feed him after midnight! Gizmo is one of the main characters from the iconic Stephen Spielberg movie Gremlins, and this collectible item makes a great gift for lovers of the classic 80s movie.


The lamp stands at 10cm (4”) tall and is powered by 2 AA batteries that are not included.


The Horror range from Paladone features a variety of spooky gifts and accessories that are designed to pay homage to some of the horror genre’s biggest and best movies. Including items taken from such classic films as Gremlins and IT, the Horror range is ideal for lovers of everything that makes you go jump in the night. With a range of products that includes lamps, mugs, and more, there’s plenty of fantastic items that you can add to your home.


These officially licensed products make great collectibles for lovers of the genre. The Gremlins Light is an officially licensed product.

Gremlins Gizmo Icon Light

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