The tie is an essential element of wizard and witches' outfit. Whether it is part of a full uniform with your robe, or if you are wearing it under your Gryffindor sweater or even in a day-to-day outfit, the deluxe tie will impress everyone around you.


You will notice a delicate and discreet embroidery of the lion, emblem of Gryffindor. Inspired by the tie worn by Draco Malfoy himself, we added a pin that reflect the Hogwarts house.

Each Harry Potter tie comes with a new gift box.


- This deluxe edition includes, Tie, Pin and Gift box

- Unisex

- One size

- Length: 145 cm / 57 in

- Width : 8 cm / 3 in

- Tie composition: Microfibre

- Pin's composition: Zinc Alloy

Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie - Deluxe Edition