Add a wizardry touch to any room with this awesome Slytherin Luminart. Only suitable for the courageous and the determined amongst us, with a fondness of lions, this fantastic canvas will proudly display your allegiance to house Slytherin!


During the day it’s a normal, albeit stylish canvas, featuring the Slytherin coat of arms, however at night it lights up adding a magical glow to your room!


There is no on/off button, instead just touch the top and shout out LUMOS (optional) to illuminate. Powered by magic...and a little help from either USB or batteries, the Slytherin Luminart can either be free standing or wall mounted, meaning it will sit pride of place just about anywhere.


We’re reliably told by the Sorting Hat itself that this is the perfect Harry Potter gift for any Slytherinfan!

Harry Potter Slytherin Luminart