Who Dares Gins!


If you're looking to really step up the fun at your next party, this is the ginuine article!


This game is for the daring gin lovers looking to get tipsy the classy way. You'll get 12 plastic cups, all in that bottle green colour synonymous with our favourite tipple, with classy gold edging, as well as 4 lightweight balls in green and yellow. The rules of play are simple; fill each of the 12 cups with a gin-credible mixed drink, and arrange them into two triangle formations at either end of the table; split into 2 teams and take it in turns to throw a ball into the cup of the opposing team, if you land it, they drink it! The game continues until all the cups on one side of the table have been removed, and the losing team must finish any cups left on the winning team side.

Let The Games Be-Gin, Gin Pong Drinking Game

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