This drinking game will certainly put your head in a spin. Before play starts the SPIN OUT shot glasses are filled with a drink, these are the SPIN OUT shots. All players also need to bring their own drink using any glass they have available are given 1 survival token each which is used to avoid drinking. The youngest player starts by spinning the spinner. There are 14 different categories on the SPIN OUT board such as LOSERS - where all players have to drink, SKIP- to miss your go, RHYME - where each player has to say a word that rhymes, DARE- where you dare another player to do something and 10 more. If it lands on SPIN OUT you have to drink the shot from the shot cup that is on that space. The game finishes when all SPIN OUT shots are drunk. You can play using any type of drink such as soda, juice, beer or wine so everyone can join in. Great to play at home, take on holiday or play at a party. Makes a great gift for anyone whatever the occasion, including bachelor and bachelorette nights. This compact game includes a spinner board, 6x shot cups and full gameplay instructions with 4 shot cups and 12 survival tokens.

Spin Out Drinking Game