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A New Beginning

Today marks our first anniversary of our first opening day alone at our little shop in Skipton. When I opened the door and saw the shop had been ransacked, items taken - stock and shelving - I was absolutely distraught. At first I thought we had been broken in to, until I suddenly realised only the LMSB stock was left.. she had abandoned me, left me with a hell of a lot of debt and a shop in an absolute hell hole.. but it was just the start of something truly amazing!

Boxing Day (oh, sweet irony...)

So, the history of Boxing Day, in case you don’t already know (because, who actually would know?), is that tradesmen would collect Christmas boxes of money or presents the first weekday after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year. I still don’t know whether she vanished (apparated, Harry Potter style) on Boxing Day, to be funny and ironic or just a complete (BEEEEP). I'm gonna for the latter.


Once I picked myself up off the floor and got over the shock, I did what any sensible person would do. I made a brew. And I sat there in my surroundings thinking WTAF. And in that moment of tea sipping astonishment, I made a decision. No matter what was coming, I was dealing with it head on. I won’t lie, there were (many) tears at times, I’m pretty sure my profanity speech rating was like a 9/10 and I went grey, like I actually went grey. For real.


But now, a year on, here I am in MY beautiful shop stacked to the rafters with amazing products for my lovely and loyal customers, still sipping tea (still grey too, in case you were wondering, luckily I rock that sh*t) feeling like what happened last year was complete and total serendipity. And her who we do not speak of, did me a right big favour. I couldn’t be happier in my surroundings and I count my blessings to have such amazing customers (and friends for keeping me sane) who allow me to keep doing what I’m doing.

So, here’s a big massive thank you to you lovely lot for letting me do what I love and I can’t wait to bring you some more kick ass merch in 2019 at our new home.. welcome to The Geek Side.


Team Geek x

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