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Friends Range - 25th Anniversary

Hello fellow geeks!

Welcome to today’s blog; The One With The Awesome Merchandise.

Could we BE anymore excited for our brand new Friends merchandise? It kept us entertained for 10 years, spanning 236 episodes, and let’s be honest - everyone has seen it!

Celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year a brand new range has launched!

So it’s time to say "OHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD" at our fantastic Friends range and relive our favourite sitcom.

We start off with our Friends photo frame, modelled after the famous apartment decor, and a fantastic way to subtly show off your fandom!

Need somewhere to store your mockolate cookies? Why not get your hands on our Ceramic Biscuit Barrel, sporting the famous Central Perk logo.

Much like the rest of our amazing stationery we also stock Friend’s notebooks, in 2 different styles, great for keeping a track of when your friends will be there for you!

To top it all off we have an amazing array of Friends mugs with all it’s famous quotes, Pivot anyone? So whether you just want to make yourself smile with your morning coffee, or strike up a conversation with other hidden Friends fans why not check them out!

The range has landed just in time for Mother's Day, and will make the perfect gift! You can check out our full range of Friends merchandise here.

Happy shopping!

Much love,

Team Geek x

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