Friends Super Fan - Jenna

Hello fellow geeks!

We hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and had lots of Easter eggs!

This week we have another Friends Super Fan. Say hello to Jenna..


So... “How you doin'?” "Oooh this makes me blush, ha."

Please tell us your name, age and where you are from...

"My name is Jenna, I am 30 something (can't quite remember) and I'm from lovely Lancashire."

How long have you been a Friends fan?

"I can't remember not ever watching it so a very very long time. Since it aired in this country I guess."

Which is your favourite Friends character and why?

"My favourite back in the day was Rachel. I even went to university to study Retail Management & Buying so that I could have her job! I never got into buying after my degree ha. But I wish I was more like Monica with OCD - so I could be at least a little bit tidy."

Which is your favourite episode of Friends and why?

"Pivot - Pivot - Pivot! I think it's hilarious when Ross tells the sofa sales guy how many times he's (you know) with Rachel, I think it's something like 289 times ha! And that he tried to return it cut in two. But I also like the one where Rachel is trying to impress Joshua and throws a surprise party for Emily - it's sooo cringing but you can't not watch ha."

...and series?

"They are all my favourite."

What is your favourite Friends item purchased from The Geek Side? "My Pivot mug for my hot chocolate."

What are you hoping to purchase next from The Geek Side? "The they don't know we know that they know we know mug (think I got that right)"

And lastly, were they on a break?

"It was still wrong for Ross to do it even if they were on a break."


Thank you Jenna for taking the time to be a Super Fan! We look forward to seeing you again soon at The Geek Side!

Much love,

Team Geek x

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