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Office Evanesco!

If you’ve been in the shop you may have noticed that we’re ever so slightly into Harry Potter (slight understatement!). So much so that we’ve, erm, thrown Zoe out of her office to get rid of said office to make way for more Harry Potter merch! I mean, you can never have enough Harry Potter merch, can you? And who needs office space anyway, not when there’s broomsticks and wands at stake! So, office evanesco… laters!

So, what’s in the pipeline…?

Well, that would be telling wouldn’t it. Zoe has sat with one of our reps this morning and pre-ordered loads of new merch for the year! Brand new lines, including Toy Story and Dumbo, as well as some additions to existing ranges such as Friends, Beauty and The Beast and, of course, Harry Potter. We literally can't wait to reveal it to you!

In other news

We’re delighted to have a new team member on board who goes by the name of Toria. Welcome to the team, Toria! She’ll be working on Thursday each week in the shop so feel free to pop along and say hello.

And finally, there’s a huge sale on till the end of this month! Grab yourself a bargain with stationery reduced to clear and remaining Christmas stock on offer too with 20% off until the end of January!

See you soon!

Team Geek x

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