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Getcha Freak On!

Hello fellow geeks!

We hope you are all doing well and are coping with the sudden change in the weather this past couple of weeks - think we've definitely bypassed Autumn and plunged right into Winter, it's bloomin' freezing!

With just over 12 weeks to go until Christmas (I know! How did that happen?!), we thought we'd best make a start in preparing for some of the year's other events, first and foremost, Halloween! Spooky season is definitely upon us and we have the perfect range of merchandise to help you celebrate the ghoulish period. Whether that be clothing for Halloween parties or just a few bits and pieces of merch to decorate your pad.

There's no doubt that this year's hottest cosplay trend for Halloween will be Stranger Things' Hellfire Club replica raglan tee! And why not combine that with a Thinking Cap and go full 'Dustin Henderson'? We've just taken delivery of more of the bestselling tshirts, but are already running low on the caps - so buy quick to avoid disappointment!

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Sticking with the Stranger Things theme, we have also taken delivery this week of some brand new Eddie Rocks tshirts, which are set to be our next bestseller in the hit Netflix series range. Imagine kicking back in this while listening to Master of Puppets and having your favourite tipple from our Hellfire Club embossed mug!

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We also have some more new clothing including lounge wear, dresses, crop tops which also cater for the younger ones too, but are now in short supply and won't be restocked - so be quick to avoid disappointment! Click here to shop our full range.

If sporting the clothing isn't your thing, then how about some merch instead? For home or even the office? A simple mug is a nice and discreet way of showing off your love for your favourite fandoms! How about letting our epic range of CosCup's do the cosplay work for you? One of our personal faves is the Jim Hopper CosCup!

stranger things merch, jim hopper coscup, jim hopper merchandise, stranger things merchandise uk

Another year round bestseller for us is, of course, Harry Potter. We have a selection of clothing and merchandise which are perfect for the Halloween season. One of our new favourites are these cosy quidditch house team jumpers!

harry potter merchandise, quidditch jumper, gryffindor jumper,

These stunning candle lights (which you light with a magic wand!) are absolutely perfect for the cold Winter nights. Time to get cosy (maybe in a snuggly dressing gown and slipper socks?) with your favourite Harry Potter movie and light this magic candle!

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It's not Halloween if you've not busted some ghosts! And that's why our Ghostbusters range is absolutely perfect with some awesome merch to decorate your home for the season. How about an epic ghost trap? It's actually an incense burner, but how awesome is that?

ghostbusters merchandise, ghost trap incense burner

If The Nightmare Before Christmas is your thing instead, how about a stunning Danielle Nicole Oogie Boogie bag? Or maybe a subtle Jack Skellington airpod case? What about settling down to watch the Pumpkin King misunderstanding what Christmas is all about while drinking from an awesome coffin mug?

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As well as our CosCup's range, we also have an amazing range of cosplaying ducks, TUBBZ! Everything from Jaws, Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, Jurassic Park and more! Check out our full range here.

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Until next time...

Much love,

Team Geek

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