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Harry Potter Party - Part 1

Hello fellow geeks!

Wow! What a weekend we had! We had a lot to celebrate over the last few days. It was our 3rd birthday in Skipton, as well as our 1st anniversary of opening our Harry Potter shop. So we held a party - obviously!

The day itself was so much fun, all the staff dressed up in Harry Potter costumes and some of our guests did too. We're so happy that people made such an effort for the day, it was fantastic! People travelled far and wide to visit our little shop on Saturday - we even had people who came all the way from Sussex to be there - how amazing is that?!

We held a raffle for the chance to win a wand of your choice and also a fancy dress competition too. We also had some epic edibles made by Cakes and That and we had activities going on such as dragon egg making and interviews with our super fans.

Over the next few days we'll be updating blogs with our super fan interviews and also our competition winners too!

We had the most amazing day! We'd love to thank everyone for coming to celebrate with us. Until next time...

Much love,

Team Geek x

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