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Harry Potter Party - Part 7

Hello fellow geeks!

We hope you've had a wonderful weekend so far. Today concludes our week-long blogs celebrating our Harry Potter birthday party.

In this blog, we meet the competition winners - Katie and Kyra!

Let's jump straight in..


Katie Hunter was the winner of our raffle to win a wand. The day they came to choose (or let the wand choose them!) was very amusing. Her 2 boys, William and Thomas, couldn't decide which they both liked and agreed on! In the end, they decided on Viktor Krum.

So William, why do you like Viktor's wand?

"It's really nice and very detailed."

And you, Thomas?

"It's so cool! Fantastic!"

Which items do you both already own?

"The Marauder's Map, the Elder wand and Fleur Delacour's wand."

Which item is next?

William: "Lucius Malfoy's cane!"

Thomas: "Dumbledore's original wand from Fantastic Beasts."


Kyra was the winner of our custome competition, winning herself a voucher to spend at The Geek Side! Kyra and her friend Emma travelled 6 hours from Sussex to join us on the day of our party - how epic is that?!

So Kyra, you obviously live a long way from Skipton, how did you hear about us?

"I found out through Emma. She follows you on Facebook and sent me a message asking if I fancied a road trip! We had been planning our road trip since the beginning of June."

Oh wow! That's one heck of a road trip! Tell us about your outfit. What inspired it and why did you choose it?

"It took us a while to make sure that we both had the weekend off from work!

"Luna is my favourite character from the Harry Potter world. She is unique and has her own style, she isn’t afraid to be herself and doesn’t care what people think about her.

"I had been seeing photos of people with Luna Lovegood glasses on Facebook and I really wanted a pair for when me, Emma and our college friends next go up to the HarryPotter Studios. I had dressed up last time we went.

"I finally found the glasses on the Platform 9 3/4 website and got them straight away. After we had decided we were having a road trip, I started rewatching the films to get ideas on what Luna would like to wear."

What did you spend your voucher on and why?

"Luna pin (I've got a piece of felt hanging up with all the amazing pins I've collected) Baby Niffler because adoption is important! Plus he is really cute! And Hufflepuff gloves (being slightly practical for when it gets colder) plus I get to show off my house colours."

What did you think of the shop itself?

"Your shop is magical! I loved all the attention to detail (like the flying keys) and the huge range of products you sell. The location of the shop gives it a Diagon Alley vibe and also how everyone was just so friendly! Could have easily spent hours in the shop!"

Huge congratulations to Kyra, Katie, Thomas and William on winning your prizes!

We'd also love to thank everyone again who helped us on the day and came to visit us to celebrate our birthday. You made it amazing!

Speak soon fellow geeks.

Much love,

Team Geek x

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