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Harry Potter Prefects Quiz - Year 1: The Philosopher's Stone

Hello fellow geeks!

We hope you are all doing great! We have been working super hard with a good friend of ours over the last week or so who is going to help bring you lovely lot a series of difficult Harry Potter live quiz nights - and we're super excited about it!

We've seen a few online (and even took part in some!) and we didn't think they quite cut it and were a bit too easy. So we've compiled our own series with some N.E.W.T. worthy trivia questions for the hardcore fans.

We decided to do a series of quiz nights over the course of a full week as there were far too many interesting aspects of the complete book series to cram into just one night - too much would be missed out. Each quiz night will be dedicated to a full book while the Golden Trio attended Hogwarts.

So the first night in our Prefect Quiz Nights is obviously Year 1: Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. Click here to join the event. The event will take place on Monday 11th May 2020, at 7pm on our main Facebook page.

So if you know the difference between your Hogwart's houses and the house ghosts, make sure to drop by, RSVP, revise like Hermione and take part!

Make sure to join us for the rest of the week for the rest of the prefects quizzes in the week long series!

See you on Monday!

Much love,

Team Geek x

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