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International Bath Day

Hello fellow geeks,

We hope you are looking forward to the weekend. We are prepared for Father's Day after a few big deliveries this week! The shelves are fully stocked with awesome gifts and we're ready for the crowds that are due to descend on us tomorrow.

However, today is apparently International Bath Day. So why and how did that come about?

Legend has it that on June 14th Greek mathematician, scientist and scholar, Archimedes, discovered while taking a bath that an object’s volume could be accurately measured by being submerged in water! Unable to contain his excitement over this discovery, Archimedes lept out of the bathtub and yelling “Eureka, Eureka!” as he ran through the streets of Syracuse, Greece. Since the exact date of Archimedes’ birth was unknown, the day chosen to commemorate is the day that is believed he lept out of the bath tub….June 14th.

So to celebrate, we thought we'd showcase some of our bath time goodies with you!

This very powerful love potion, also known as Amortentia causes a powerful infatuation or obsession from the user. It's fantastic colour and sweet fragrance, with top notes of sticky pink cotton candy lead into a fluffy marshmallow heart with a hint of fuzzy peach before a dry down of caramelized vanilla pod will have the user hooked!*

*Please note: Amortentia Love Potion Bath Bomb is just for fun! It won't make your crush fall in love with you - sorry!

This Doctor Who wash bag is perfect for storing all of the essential toiletries whilst travelling and its boxy, even shape means it's possible to take everything you need for a magical trip away.

This solid white, ambiguous bath bomb causes bath water to change into one of four colours after a few moments; Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green. Just drop in the tub and have the real Sorting Hat experience!

This Disney The Lion King pouch is the perfect safe place for the essentials whilst travelling, so you're always prepared no matter what!

Harry Potter Bath Robes (£36.99)

We have a few bathrobes left in stock - Deathly Hallows, Gryffindor Scarf and all houses.

In Store Only, Please contact us to order.

All that glitters can sometimes be gold. This golden, glitter filled bath bomb is complimented by its fresh and invigorating citrus fragrance which "oozes" limes and lemons.

This Disney Mary Poppins cosmetic bag is perfect for touch ups and staying "Practically Perfect" on the go.

We do, of course, have many other items in our Bath and Beauty range, which you can check out here.

Have a happy, soapy bath time!

Much love,

Team Geek x

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