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Is It Too Early For The C Word?

Hello fellow geeks,

We hope you are all well. How did the first week back at school go? It's been pretty quiet here, but that only means one thing... planning for Christmas! We know it's super early and the kids have only just gone back to school, but we've to get planning these things to make sure we have the most awesome merch for you and your Christmas gifts.

It's only a short blog this week, but we thought we'd show you just a few of the epic things coming over the next month or so - some even earlier than that!

So let's jump straight in...

These brand new Harry Potter snow globes designed in the style of Platform 9 3/4 and the Marauders Map have already been causing a stir on our social media. They should be arriving at the shop today but are already online now for pre-order here.

Dressing gowns are always a winner for Christmas gifts and we've got a brand new range coming, including this new Amortentia Love Potion robe. Matching slippers will also be available!

Our Harry Potter Christmas stockings were a huge hit last year so we're bringing them back again. How gorgeous is this Golden Snitch design with sparkly sequin topper?

We've also got a huge range of Christmas themed games for the day itself and to keep the kids (and big kids!) occupied over the festive period. One of our favourites is the Head to Head Elf Vs Santa game.

We will keep you updated over the next few weeks as the festive stock becomes available. But ciao for now!

Much love,

Team Gee x

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