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On The First Week of Christmas, The Geek Side Gave to me... Friends!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Hello fellow geeks!

We hope you are doing well and settled back into routine after the Summer holidays. However, we're going to spring on you the dreaded C word... Christmas! It may only be the start of October, but today marks 12 weeks until Christmas Day.

Over the next few weeks we'll be counting down the run up to Christmas with our 'The Twelve Weeks Of Christmas' blogs, featuring some of our favourite and bestselling ranges and items. We hope this will give you some inspiration for your festive season gifts.

This week, we are showcasing some of the items from our popular Friends range. So without further ado, let's jump straight in!


Featured in this photo are our bestselling items and a couple of our personal favourites. We have listed the items below with links for easy purchase!

This Friends mug is sure to get your morning off to a strong start. With a feminine tapered shape it features a stylish homage to "The One With The Cop" where Ross and the gang try to "Pivot!" his new sofa up his apartment block's stairs.

A top quality gift for any Friends lover. The notebook features some of the most iconic items from the series such as the sofa, Phoebe's taxi, a lobster and the fountain from the opening credits, while the ballpoint pen holds the quote "How you doin'?". This notebook and pen gift set comes in a premium gift box packaging with acetate window. Notebook inside is a hard cover casebound book with 80 pages.

This epic set includes 18 icon magnets, including the turkey with sunglasses, New York skyline, Central Perk logo, Crap Bag, the name Mike gives himself, and the frame on Monica and Rachel's door.

This Friends lunch box is perfect for work, school and picnics. This eco-friendly option is made of bamboo fibres rather than plastic, and features a cool design that incorporates the famous quote, "Joey doesn't share food". This lunch box is comprised of two parts - the deep blue lid featuring the Friends design, and the contrasting pale blue base - which are held together by a yellow silicone band featuring the Friends logo. This hard-shelled bamboo box will keep any lunch safe so you don't have to worry about a Ross Geller sized freakout from stolen sandwiches. A great gift for any Friends fan.

We also offer a matching apron - click here to see!

Whoever you're favourite Friends character is, we've got a pin badge for you! Choose from six iconic designs from the series. These pin badges are currently one of our best sellers!

This is just a small piece of what we offer in our Friends range. You can shop the full range by clicking here. If Friends isn't your (crap) bag, then check out our full shop here!

See you next time for next 'The Twelve Weeks Of Christmas' blog.

Much love,

Team Geek x

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