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On The Ninth Week of Christmas, The Geek Side Gave to me... Fun and Games!

Hello fellow geeks!

Can you believe it's only 28 days until Christmas? PANIC! Well, not really, because we've got you covered. We're jam packed to the rafters with so many epic gift ideas, there's literally something for everyone.

This week we're going to be concentrating on our range of games and other Christmas fun ideas to keep the family occupied while the Turkey's cooking! We'll be showing you some of our bestsellers from this year's range.

Let's get stuck in, as there's no time to waste!


Festive Fun

A brand new festive game for this year and already a bestseller. Get into the seasonal spirit this Christmas with the Christmas jumper game - a fun-filled fast-paced family game that has everyone scrambling for the perfect festive outfit! A great after dinner game when everyone's stuffed full of Turkey, or a perfect accompaniment to Christmas morning Bucks fizz, the Christmas jumper game is filled with seasonal joy and festive laughs.

One of our personal favourites. We'd love to see Mum and Dad try this after a few drinks! If you're in search of a quick, super-fun, hilarious game to play this Christmas then search no more! Head to Head Elf v Santa is the perfect game for you! Players put on their hat and compete to knock over all of their present-shaped targets before their opponent. Who can destroy the presents quickest, Elf or Santa? There's only one way to find out!

A classic game great for improving your hand-eye co-ordination, this set of juggling balls is a fantastic stocking filler. Designed as a traditional snowman, these juggling balls will provide hours of fun.

All the family are coming round, and you know you can't just rely on conversation again, not after last year. Well now there's a solution, with this set of 15 Festive Games. A comprehensive selection of seasonal games, they'll be something to keep everyone entertained in this fantastic collection. So no more arguments, this year you can settle down and relax with some traditionally festive family fun.


Family Favourites

The News Game (£5.99)

Read all about it! In this era of fake news, can you tell the truth from the lie? Play The News Game and test your powers of deduction, along with your friends, and play this super-fun, laugh-out-loud game.

The perfect brain teaser gift for coffee breaks. Put your mind to the test with Trivial Pursuit Coasters – a set of fun quiz coasters to bamboozle and befuddle whilst keeping your tables and other surfaces coffee ring free! A set of 20 drinks coasters, each coaster has 6 Trivial Pursuit questions – one of each classic Trivial Pursuit category used in the timeless quiz game.

Minute Games (£4.99)

Don't be bored a minute longer with one of these fast and fun Minute Games! The easiest way to stay entertained, whether home on a rainy day or out travelling, camping or holidaying, these Minute Games are quick and simple to play any time, anywhere. Choose from Question Quiz, Guess The Tune, Find It and Daft Definitions.

Say What You See: Music Edition is a music themed version of the classic quick-fire catchphrase guessing game that asks players one simple thing – say what you see! Great fun with friends or family, this music based quiz game is laugh-out-loud funny and easy to pick up and play in no time.

Censored (£7.99)

Enjoy this hilarious Censored game as you and your friends attempt to describe words to each other without mentioning forbidden words. This super-fun card game features a pack of 50 ‘forbidden words’ cards, and the number of forbidden words increases as each round goes on.

A laugh - out - loud game for all the family, put all your describing and guessing skills to the test with Spill the Beans!

Agro Cado (£6.99)

Enjoy an extra portion of fun and grab one of your five - a - day with Agro Cado - a fun fruit themed card game for all the family!


These are just a few of the festive fun and family favourite games we have in stock. You can check out our full range here. We hope that you find this gift guide handy for keeping the family occupied over the festive period.

Until next time...

Much love,

Team Geek x

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