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Teacher's Gift Guide - Part 1

Hello fellow geeks,

What another amazing week we've had here at Geek HQ! We've met lots of awesome new customers who have found us. We've even had folk who travelled for miles just to visit the shop in preparation for Manchester Comic Con - purchasing their Harry Potter cosplay outfits!

With the school holidays coming up fast we thought we would compile a list of gifts for your favourite teachers - however we've got SO many epic items, we're going to do it in smaller chunks over the next few weeks in the run up to end of term.

So here goes!


Plan your week around your favourite sitcom with this fun Friends Desk Planner. This weekly planner is perfect for use at home or at work, and allows you to make notes so you don’t forget a thing. Featuring some of the sitcom’s most loved phrases, this desk planner is the perfect gift for any organised Friends lover. The planner features different phrases including, among others, Janice’s wince-inducing ‘OH MY GOD’; Joey’s classic ‘HOW YOU DOIN?’; and Ross’s ‘Unagi’.

Working on your transfiguration homework and all those pesky history of magic essays? (Let's face it, marking homework!) You'll need this Harry Potter quill pen. It has a ballpoint fitting to avoid any spilt ink.

This Doctor Who pencil tin is perfect for small stationery items such as pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers and even keys to the Tardis! It features a deep purple Tardis with the words "Time And Relative Dimension In Space" in silver detailing on a beautiful purple and pink galaxy background.

Write down all your notes, lists, plans and S.P.E.W. meeting details with this faboulous set of 6 Harry Potter pencils. A real treat for Dobby fans, each pencil features a different Dobby or House Elf inspired design, incorporating a variety of colours and stylish effects, including gold foil detailing for a magical finishing touch. The set includes two pencils for each design, featuring erasers an their ends, and needing to be sharpened before use. A wonderful gift for a Harry Potter fan and a must for school, work, university or college.

This Disney Dumbo lunch box is perfect for work, school and picnics. This eco-friendly option is made of bamboo fibres rather than plastic, and features Dumbo and Timothy Mouse on the front with the words "Main Attraction" in a fun circus style font. This lunch box is comprised of two parts - the red lid featuring the Dumbo design, and the contrasting cream base - which are held together by a blue silicone band featuring the Dumbo logo. This hard-shelled bamboo box will keep any lunch safe on a day out. A great gift for any Dumbo or Disney fan.

Grab a Genie in a bottle for refreshment on the go! A 450ml water bottle, inspired by the popular character from the classic Disney animation, Aladdin.

We hope you are able to find the perfect gift for your teachers in our guide - but if your teacher is into something else you can, of course, shop our full store here.

We will be adding more teacher gift guide blogs over the next few weeks as more items arrive in stock!

See you soon at The Geek Side

Much love,

Team Geek

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