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Teacher's Gift Guide - Part 2 - Harry Potter Edition

Hello fellow geeks,

We hope you are all well and not melting in this heat we've been having! We've had some manic days here at Geek HQ with the sunny weather and, of course, Sheep Day yesterday.

This week we thought we'd put together a gift guide for those special teachers who are into Harry Potter and secretly wished they were teaching at Hogwarts!

So without further ado, accio gifts!


This Harry Potter travel mug is the ideal travel companion for a morning commute to work or Hogwarts school lessons. With a cream finish, it features magical repeated spell designs on all sides, while the front features Hermione Granger's iconic quote, "Swish and flick". This bamboo mug is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic products and features a pale blue silicone lid and a band with the Harry Potter logo printed on it for maximum comfort while getting your morning caffeine fix.

Stay on top of your schedule with the help of the Hogwarts Desk Planner – the easiest way to ensure you never forget quidditch practice or potions class again! An A4 desk planner with 52 weekly sheets and handy to do list, the Hogwarts Desk Planner is the perfect way to keep your life in order, even when it feels like the practitioners of the Dark Arts are conspiring against you!

Collectible hardback journal featuring MinaLima original artwork with silver foiled cover details, silver foiled edges, with 200 lined pages and a ribbon.

This Harry Potter embossed tin tote is ideal as a keepsake tin, lunch box or display item. Featuring the Skiving Snackbox created by Fred and George Weasley to help students skip classes, it's a great addition to any Harry Potter display. Perfect for keeping your Puking Pastilles and Nosebleed Nougat in!

Write down all your notes, lists, plans and Hogwarts class revision with this fabulous set of 6 Harry Potter pencils. A real treat for dedicated Harry Potter fans, each pencil features artwork of a different character's magic wand, including Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and, of course, Harry himself, as well as a quote of theirs in gold detailing. The set includes two pencils for each design, featuring erasers an their ends.

This Harry Potter Exercise Book is perfect for lists, plans and charms class notes! It features a magical iridescent background and a golden border with a Hogwarts logo at it's base, as well as a charms class design with golden line art of an enchanted feather at it's centre. There are 6 different designs; Charms, Herbology, Transfiguration, Potion Making, Divination and Magical creatures. You can check them all out in our stationery section by clicking here.

Stay hydrated on the go with this 500ml water bottle. Comes with a canvas bag with drawstrings.

This Harry Potter cotton tote shopper bag is perfect for carrying all the Quidditch essentials, from quaffles and snitches to beaters and keeper's equipment. It features the words, "Seeker in training" on the front against a burgundy background, as well as a snitch in gold metallic detailing. The reverse has a Hogwarts school crest. The bag also features a handy strap for easy carrying when hitting the high street or Diagon Alley.

We do hope this is guide has given you some inspiration for your teachers. We do, of course, have many other items in stock - both online and in store! So feel free to have a browse online here or pop into store!

See you soon at The Geek Side.

Much love,

Team Geek x

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