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This Harry Potter Ron Weasley A5 notebook is perfect for lists, notes and celebrating the Gryffindor quidditch keeper! The hardback front cover features a Gryffindor red background as well as the words, "Weasley is our king!", the chant that rung through the Gryffindor common room after a winning performance from Ron Weasley in a game of Qudditch in his sixth year at Hogwarts. The notebook also includes a repeated orange and red crown pattern on the first inside pages and 240 ruled 80gsm lined pages with corner Gryffindor house details. The attractive design makes this a standout product for any Harry Potter fan with a soft spot for Ron.

Dimensions: 240 pages - 21 (h) x 15 (w) x 1.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Sticker and polybag
Composition: Paper

Harry Potter A5 Notebook - Weasley Is Our King