Our Harry Potter Death Eater Pop Up Card is the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan who takes an interest in the Dark Arts! 


The Cover reads "A Loyal Supporter of Voldemort, who wears a mask and a hooded cloak to conceal their identity...what's inside?" eluding to dark magic inside.

When opened, up pops a 3D Death Eater mask with intricate details which can be used for any occasion, including a birthday card or even a Halloween card!


This card includes a notecard that keeps allows you to write your special message but keep it hidden when the card is on display.  Our revolutionary reversible packaging magically transforms into a Hogwarts envelope, making this a magical gift experience from the moment your loved ones receives their mail!


- Warner Brothers Officially Licenced Product

- Dimensions are 15cm x 20cm

- Handmade

- Blank inside for your message

- Notecard included to write your message on

- Revolutionary reversible packing magically transforms to become a Hogwarts envelope.

- Designed in the UK

Harry Potter Death Eater Pop Up Card