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This Harry Potter mug is sure to get your morning off to a strong start. With a cool tapered shape it features 'Weasley is our king', the chant that rung through the Gryffindor common room after Ron's winning performance as keeper in a Quidditch game. The back of the mug features an "R" for "Ronald Weasley" design as seen on the Weasley family jumpers in the beloved Harry Potter films, while the mug also has an eye-catching orange inner glaze. It's perfect for those who need a bit of Ron's cheeky attitude - and caffeine - to be a king for a day.

Dimensions: 325ml - 9.5 (h) x 12.5 (w) x 9 (d) cm

Harry Potter Tapered Mug - Weasley Is Our King!

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