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LGBTQAI+ Asexual / Ace Eco Wooden Pin


Crafted with care and brimming with vibrant colours, our Asexual (Ace) Pride wooden pin badge is a unique and meaningful accessory that celebrates love and equality. Each badge is based on a hand drawn design, giving it a distinctive and artistic touch that sets it apart. Made from responsibly sourced wood, this badge not only looks great, but it's also durable and long-lasting. Its sturdy construction ensuring that it will stay securely in place, wherever you choose to pin it.


The bright and bold rainbow design proudly showcases your place in or support for the LGBT community. The vivid colours symbolise the diversity and strength of all LGBTQ+ people, making a powerful statement wherever you go. The badge serves as a visible reminder of acceptance, spreading love and inclusivity wherever it is worn.


Not only is this badge a beautiful addition to your wardrobe or accessories collection, but it also represents your commitment to sustainability. By choosing wooden materials, you're opting for an eco-friendly alternative to enamel that minimises environmental impact by using 24 times less energy to produce. Designed and made in the UK, there are minimal air miles attached to this product.


Wear your wooden pin badge with pride and let it be a conversation starter, sparking meaningful discussions on equality and acceptance. It's the perfect accessory for pride parades, events, or simply to add a touch of positivity and inclusivity to your everyday outfits. Show your support and make a statement with this bold, durable, and sustainable piece.

  • Illustrated by Lauren Towner Craft & Illustration
  • 40mm x 40mm
  • Eco-friendly alternative wooden pin badge
  • LGBTQAI+ / Asexual (Ace) Pride / Pride Flag Badge / Activist / Community Support

Asexual / Ace Eco Wooden Pin