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Old As Fuck Naughty Gift Wrap


Add a dash of cheeky charm and a sprinkle of playfulness to your presents with our playful gift wraps. These wraps aren't just paper; they're a burst of giggles, grins, and lightheartedness in every fold and ribbon! Get ready for smiles, chuckles, and the excitement of unwrapping delightful surprises.


Our playful gift wraps are designed to make gift-giving an enjoyable and memorable experience. They're like a hint of mischief wrapped around your thoughtful gesture! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or just surprising a friend, these wraps will add an extra layer of fun to your giving.


- Suitable for him, her, men, women, best friends

- Printed sustainably in the UK on FSC certified paper

- 100gsm thick premium paper

- Sheet size: 700x500mm


PLEASE NOTE: This item is for one (1) sheet of novelty gift wrap.

Old As Fuck Naughty Gift Wrap