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The Little Mermaid Socks (Ursula)


If you're a fan of the class Disney movie, The Little Mermaid and the villainous Ursula, then you'll love these socks! Featuring Ursula's iconic tentacles and shell necklace which captures Ariel's voice, these socks are perfect for any fan looking to add some Disney magic to their wardrobe. 


All of our socks are made from breathable cotton and polyester and are suitable for all climates.

80% Cotton
17% Nylon
3% Spandex


Size UK 6-11

Wash Your Socks Ya Filthy Animal!

All socks by Sock It To Me are durable and suitable to be washed in the washing machine up to 30 degrees. Avoid ironing as this may hinder the sock design.

The Little Mermaid Socks (Ursula)

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