On The Fourth Week Of Christmas, The Geek Side Gave To Me... Games!

Hello fellow geeks!

We hope you are doing well and keeping safe at the moment. With this week's news that more of the country is moving into tier 3, we thought we'd show you some of our popular games while you're at home and not down the pub - which will also make excellent Christmas gifts and stocking fillers.

Let's jump straight in!

Twister Napkins (£5.00)

Add a twist of fun to any mealtime or dinner party with this napkin version the classic, wacky, party game Twister that will soon have your fingers tied up in knots! Give the spinner a whirl and see what your next move will be as you try to keep your hand on the napkin.

Harry Potter Avoid You Know Who Card Game (£7.00)

The object of this easy-to-play game is not to be the player left with the You-Know-Who card. The 48x character cards feature well-known characters from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Suitable for ages 6 years and over, the game is played by players collecting pairs of matching cards, which are then placed face-up on the table until all the matching pairs have been found. One player, who will then be left with the Voldemort card is the loser.

Panda Monium (£8.00)

Liven up any isolating household with this comical game as you attempt to pass one of the cute inflatable pandas to another team member. Great fun for both children and adults There are four ways to play this hilarious panda passing game - Back 2 Front, Side by Side, Elbow Pass and Hop Around.

Game of Gnomes (£6.00)

The aim of this fast-paced game is to collect 5 gnomes. Roll the three dice that display a shirt colour, an accessory, and a garden tool. Be the first to grab the gnome card that matches all three dice to win the round.

Let The Games Be-Gin, Gin Pong Drinking Game (Was £12.99, NOW £9.99)

Who Dares Gins! If you're looking to really step up the fun while isolating, this is the GINuine article! This game is for the daring gin lovers looking to get tipsy the classy way.

That's all for this week! These are of course just a few of our extensive range of games. Check out our full range here.

Until next time...

Much love,

Team Geek x


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