Valentine's Day

That’s right folks, Valentine’s Day is looming... great news for some, not for others and some are completely indifferent. Whichever category you fall into we’ve got something to tickle your fancy!

For the singletons

Now then, if you’re a single lady and your plans for Valentine’s Day involve inviting your pals round for an ex-boyfriend bonfire FRIENDS styleee, then we’ve got the perfect accompaniment for you - GIN PONG (£12.99)! You’re welcome. Although please be sure to keep the gin away from the bonfire.

If you’re single and hopeful, then how about buying your dream girl (or guy) our super cute Harry Potter Love Potion Mug (14.99) to entice your crush? Worth a shot, right?

For the smug marrieds

Keep that sparkle alive with the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light (£24.99). Smoooooth. Who said romance was dead?

Personally, we love the Friends “You’re my lobster” Mug (£7.99) - because, as Pheobe says, once a lobster find it’s mate they’re together forever - ahhhh! (But don't forget to do the claws!)

For extra brownie points run her a nice hot bath and chuck in one of our popular Harry Potter bath bombs (from £5), leaving her to enjoy a nice soak while you make the tea! Winner, winner chicken dinner. There's 7 to choose from, including Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Sorting Hat, Golden Snitch and Butterbeer - check them out here.

For the romantically challenged

Exclusive to The Geek Side is this beautiful Doe Patronus T-shirt (£13.50). Poor old Severus Snape, who loved Lily his whole life had a doe (as did she) as his Patronus. If you’ve got it bad for someone, perhaps this could be your positive force of attraction... failing that you’ll just have to settle for looking awesome and ‘HP’ on point!

And finally - for the indifferent…

Just stick Corrie on and grab a family size bag of Doritos. It's just another day isn’t it?

Remember there are lots more amazing items online and in store which may be suitable for your other half - these are just some of our romantic faves!

Happy Shopping!

Team Geek x

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